I am a recording, mixing and mastering engineer from germany

Clients include:  Stella Sommer, HEIM, Gewalt, Laura Carbone, The Tidal Sleep,  Octo,  Hysterese, Nuage & Das Bassorchester,  Criminal Body, This Charming Man Records,  Sounds of Subterrania, Black Screen Records, Music Commission Mannheim and many more…

You want to work with me?

mail: hello@christian-bethge.de

phone: + 0049 (0) 175 267 8885

Neufundland – Rückenwind PT. II (Mastering)

Laura Carbone – Cellophane Skin (Recording, Mixing)

The Tidal Sleep – Undertows (Co-recording with Jens Siefert, Mastering)

Psyfunetik – Club Night (Recording)

Stella Sommer – Collapse / Collapsing (Mixing & Mastering)

HEIM – Nicht Mehr Da (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)

Euternase – Desorientiert (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)

Hysterese – Fortune (Mastering)

Vampyr Soundtrack – Main Theme (Vinyl Mastering)

Gringo Mayer – Ganove (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)

Astairre – Ich hasse meine Freunde (Mastering)

…. and many more!



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